Darren Khan
For Sale By Owner

Dear Private Seller:

One of the secrets to a successful sale is enhanced market exposure.

  • After all... if a buyer does not know your home is for sale then an offer is not possible.

Therefore you must seek as many ways as possible to increase your home's market exposure.

And with this free Internet website you'll do just that!

Internet Buyers Will Communicate With You!

(1) Through this website potential buyers will be able to view your home online... from the comfort of their own homes.

(2) Should they be interested in taking a further look at your home they can email their request to you.

(3) Then you can reply to their email and schedule a viewing appointment.

How Do You Use Your Web Site?

Simply include the web site address, we give you one for free, in your classified advertising, neighborhood flyers, yard sign, and any other advertising you do when marketing your home.

Simply click the link to  Receive Your FREE Website!

Shortly after clicking the link you will receive an email containing the website url (link) to where you can create and edit your new website. You will be able to enter details of your home and upload up to 15 photos to your free website.